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Seit 1998 berät mich Herr Gudel in komplizierten steuerlichen sowie in finanziellen Angelegenheiten. Mit dem Ergebnis war ich immer sehr zufrieden. Er beantwortet alle Fragen mit viel Professionalität, Geduld, Feinfühligkeit und Weisheit. Sein Rat ist für mich sehr wertvoll und er genießt mein absolutes Vertrauen.
Ute Klose
I am a small business owner based in the United States and I have both a small American corporation and a small German corporation. I struggled for 5 years trying to work with different accountants in Germany. It was only when I finally had the good fortune of being introduced to Thomas, that I was finally able to get our bookkeeping in both countries to agree perfectly. Thomas is extremely knowledgeable and very professional, and he is a real problem solver. However, one of the things that I appreciate most is his communication. Unlike all of the other finance people I work with, Thomas is the most responsive. He always makes a point to get back in touch with me with answers and suggestions. He works very closely with my US based bookkeeper, and this was always a problem before with other accountants. Although my company is small, my needs can be challenging and technical. I feel very fortunate to have Thomas on my team, and this feeling is echoed by my finance team in the USA. I highly recommend Thomas Gudel.
Will Mecklenburg
I am a bookkeeper in California working with a US client with a German based company. Due to language issues and my unfamiliarity with German tax laws, prior to working with Thomas I struggled to balance the US records with the German records. Working closely together with Thomas I are now able to maintain monthly balanced books and comply with the German tax laws. Thomas's communication is excellent, and his English is very good. Thomas responses promptly to emails, answering questions with detailed explanations and provides documentation as needed. Thomas's attention to detail and commitment to accuracy makes working with him a pleasure. I enjoy working with Thomas and would highly recommend his services.
Nancy Moon